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  • An Overview Of In-House Manufacturing Facality

  • Design Department:
    Comprise of numerous Pc based CAD systems, design engineers, draftmens.

  • Developement:
    Includes CNC machine,wire cut,EDM CNC milling & 3D mechanism with integrated systems of engineering design for highly precise tooling.moulds and die making including conventional machines.

  • Sheet Metal Works:
    Inculding cross cutting shearing lines; Hydralic,Mechanical.

  • Rubber Works:
    Including rubber blending, vulcanizing and compression moulding, injection moulding (expansion)

  • Plastic works:
    Include horizontal & vertical injection moulding machines.

  • media processing:
    Inculdes various kinds of pleating lines for media processing.

  • Element Making:
    Inculdes various kind of sizes of lines for various kinds and sizes of elements.

  • Color Coating:
    Includes line of electrostatic powder depositing on the surface of metal.

  • Printing:
    Inculdes silk printing machines for different shape and size.

  • Assembly line:
    Inculdes various lines for seaming & assembling followed by packing.

  • Inspection:
    Inculdes various precision measuring and metering guages leading to zero percent quantity exclusion where applied.

  • From concept to competition:
    We claim our technical qualification "how to manufacture filters" right from design to end leak testing applicable for the quantitation exclusion.

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