Air Filter

The air with the fuel detonates in the combustion chamber to provide thrust to create driving power. The automotive engine inducts 40M 3 of air of every gallon of petrol burnt inside the cylinders. So that the average motor car may breath' between 30,000M 3 and 60,000M 3 of air per year.

Air drawing condition of air filter should be good as with passage of time dust sticking on filter offers restriction to the flow of the air which is not desirable .This will cause power loss. Air should be dirt free as much as possible because dirt full air carries abrasive particles to cause wear further damaging the internal parts of engine. The engine wear is proportional to the quantity of dirt and efficiency is inversely proportional to air flow restriction.



Contaminants are normally present in all fluids, ie Gases and liquids. Reduction of contaminants to acceptable levels is the objective set by filters to reduce the injury to the engine of the machine and vehicle. Filtering involves basically the screening or mechanical separation of solid from liquids. Except. Impurities in air range and size from 0.1 to 20um and above influence by local environment. With most machines the majority of harmful contaminants will be of 20um diameter or above, so filtering to this order should provide fair protection.


Virtually all machines and engines generate internal contaminants which will be harmful if not remove. The foundry sand during manufacturing of engine and machine parts also exists as internal bedded down contaminant.


Atmospheric air contains water. The amount of water vapour in a certain volume in the normal pressure range depends only on the temperature. 1M 3 of air at 25 0 C contains 23gm of water and the same increases to 130gm at temperature of 60 0 C.


Oil is used in most compressors for lubrication, cooling and sealing in the compressor chamber. This generates exit of oil contaminated compressed air for use in industry which further increases the contamination level of atmospheric air.


  • It is manufactured out of high quality raw materials.
  • It uses high anti corrosive metal parts as raw materials.
  • It uses longer life filtration media for extending the life of filter.
  • It uses separation media with heavy dust collection.
  • It uses separation media with fine filtration.
  • It prevents damage to internal engine parts by disallowing entry of fine dust due to experienced and research based development of filter media.
  • The multiple times volume of air to fuel ratio is well taken care by Qaim Original Air Filter.
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