Lube Filter

The frequent change of oil filter will decrease maintenance cost by giving effect to life of the engine. The filter is a necessity rather than accessory as it helps to extend the life of engine and its parts. The life extension coverage is also contributed by filtration of Air and Fuel by the use of filters in addition to filtration of Oil by Oil filter. The conclusion is that filter thus decrease maintenance cost by extending life of the engine.


  • It is made out of non-aging EDDQ prime quality steel.
  • It is using high anti corrosive zinc and alloy coated prime quality steel materials
  • It is using matching restricted separation media for higher flow.
  • It is using high strength adhesives to with stand high pressure and temperature.
  • It is set to open relief valve to allow flow of contaminated oil to bearings than no oil position adverse for the engine.
  • It is using all additional input materials which are prime quality ISO products for manufacturing Qaim Original Filter.
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